Monday, June 25, 2012


After years of doing the same old thing, Kevin and I find ourselves being called to do something more something different.  Feeling this pull on our hearts we find ourselves looking into our mission. God has called us to raise up and to live a life of service.  We have struggled greatly in our search but now find ourselves looking into overseas missions.  We are passionate, excited, and yes a little intimidated but truly believe that this is something God is calling us to do.  We are currently looking into opportunities to teach conversational English overseas for a year with a program called Teach Over Seas. Mean while, we are also looking into what it would take to go to Haiti with some other members of our congregation this coming March.  We are excited about where God might be leading our lives, and find ourselves while a little scared or intimidated by not only the daunting task of fundraising but the sacrifice it would mean to go overseas we are also ready to be RISK TAKERS for Christ.   We seek the prayers of our family and friends that we would feel God's pull, have the knowledge and discernment to understand where HE is calling us, and that we would have the courage to GO as he has called us to.   THANK YOU ALL For your continued love and support and for inspiring us to live our lives out as HE is calling us to.